Wednesday, December 13

Review of The General Motor's Diet.

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The lack of exercise and massive cravings meant that I have to deal with unwanted fat, and not to mention a kind of heavier body. My pants won’t fit well and I have to change clothes several times each morning just to feel satisfied with how I look. An officemate of mine gave me and my friend a copy of the so-called GM’s diet which aims at cleansing, detoxification, and weight loss. We were on a semi diet anyway (eating loads of bananas, low fat milk, and cereals) so we gave it a shot.

The first day consisted of fruits except bananas. For better results, more watermelons and melons than other fruits are encouraged. The second day allowed one to have two large potatoes  and an unlimited quantity of vegetables either raw or cooked throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables make up day three. Day four consists of 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk including unlimited portions of the GM’s Wonder Soup. Day five is a feast for most people as it consists of beef and 6 whole tomatoes. Day six is more like day five but vegetables replace the tomatoes. The last day tops it all off with vegetables and fruit juices.

Personally, the hardest day of the diet is the first, especially if you’re used to taking three square meals a day including in betweens. On day one, you’ll experience a slight waning of energy especially if it happens to be a work day. This is normal and to be expected since your biody is adjusting as it is being cleansed of the toxins. During the diet, you are required to drink at least 8 glasses of water to aid you with the cleansing process. As a proof that you are releasing toxins, you’ll pee more often than normal. Things will be easier as each day pass. Actually, your hunger pangs will dramatically decrease on day four as your body begin to take in more nutrients from the bananas and the milk. From this day till the last, you’ll not feel as if you’re on a diet. The best part, you’ll love how much you weigh on the last day. Depending on how strict you are, you’ll lose at least 5 lbs. If you do the diet religiously which I recommend, you’ll lose at least eight.

I recommend this diet to those who are planning to lose weight and who would not want to gain it back that easily. I think that the diet is hard but doable. Hard because you are only allowed to eat certain types of food per day and no junk foods and alcoholic beverages allowed. Doable because all foods that you are required to eat particluarly the fruits and vegetables have no specified quantity. You can eat until you’re full so you don’t feel deprived of food. Believe me, the results are noticeable. The people I see everyday at the office could not help but ask what diet I’m in. Try it.


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