Tuesday, December 12

How To Avoid Bed Bugs And To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home

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This is the number one way of getting bed bugs into other peoples place. Just one carrier who have a bed bug infestation at home and likes to travel worldwide can carry this pests to other countries and other houses.

You should also be careful when buying items. Second hand items from thrift stores. You don’t know where it came from and you may be unaware that the owner of this items had bed bugs infestation at home and whatever this item you bought could carry eggs of bed bugs into your homes. Although this pests are called bed bugs they don’t only live in your bed. They can be anywhere in your house. They can be in your living room sofas, bookshelf, books and chairs. Basically just everywhere. Even in places where people likes to clean the house every day.

There is no way of knowing whether or not you have this bugs at home unless you got bitten by one. The worst thing is, sometimes we neglect signs of bed bugs infestation at home. When you are bitten you may assume you’ve been bitten by an ant or a mosquito. One way of knowing whether you have ’em is checking the sides of your bed. When you see droplets or small dark spots on your beds lining, it means you have this parasite at home. This is how it will look like.


That is not the worst look your bed will have when you keep neglecting and denying the fact you have these pests in your home. Bed bugs looks like your dogs unwanted parasites, the ticks. This is how it looks like.


Nasty right? So, the question now is how are you going to get rid of this bugs in your clothes? Wash your clothes and dry them in a 120 degrees Fahrenheit heat. That will surely kill them, and their eggs too. How about at your beds? These bugs can survive up to 3 months without meals, which is you and your warm blood that is why eliminating them can most oftentimes be stressing. You kill adults now, and new eggs hatch becoming the new generation of adult bed bugs in your homes. So, I recommend using RAID Insect Killer. That is what we used at home for more than a month. We spray every week. Waiting for the new eggs to hatch and kill them. We kept doing this for 6 weeks. Until finally we got rid of them. We did general cleaning every week and sprayed RAID Insect Killer at home. The product is efficient but not dangerous or foul smelling like other strong and dangerous chemicals used to eliminate bugs at home. It is safe to stay at home even if you sprayed this product all over your house. Good at killing other bugs too, like cockroaches and mosquitoes too.


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