Friday, December 15

Common Diseases During The Rainy Days in The Philippines

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Summer is finally over and we’re now on the rainy season. Enough of those beach trips and tanning. Be ready of your umbrella, rain coats, boots and some other rainy season gears to have yourself protected.

In the Philippines, cases of diarrheal diseases are really common. This is due to unsafe water that we have and the manner of preparing food. Flood is also very common at this time so make sure that you boil your water before drinking it and offering it to your kids. Hand washing is also very important.

Second is the prevalent case of Dengue. It is really common because mosquitoes are everywhere. We must always remember that Dengue is a potentially fatal disease especially when bleeding happens but of course let’s not wait for that to happen. Aedis Aegypti is the type of mosquito that is responsible for the spread of this disease. Therefore, in order to avoid the rise in their number, we should consider eliminating their breeding place. We should clean our environment and we should not have any stagnant water system around. We should consider working in a collaborative manner in eliminating their breeding ground. 

Third is the case of Respiratory Infection. We can avoid this by covering our mouth and nose when we sneeze or cough. It can also help if we avoid crowded places because the chance of getting ourselves infected is greatly possible. 

Viral infection is also very common during this season. Hygiene is a great thing to consider. We must keep ourselves away from people who are infected. 

Lastly, Leptospirosis can also happen. This is an infection that we can get by being exposed to animal wastes like urine. We have it through our open wounds when we walk to water contaminated by these wastes. Once the bacteria had entered your body, it has the potential of damaging your organs like your kidneys and liver. I have a personal experience of having a patient with Leptospirosis. It can really kill someone in 24 hours especially when you have your kidneys damaged. 

Hospitalization could really cost us much and prevention is a lot cheaper or even free. Things such as proper hygiene like hand washing is a very useful practice. Cleaning up our surroundings is also very important. Prepare a healthy and nutritious meal properly. Health is indeed our wealth. We couldn’t afford to see ourselves or our loved ones in a hospital bed. Remember, lying there isn’t like lying in a bed of roses. It really costs us much. 

Enjoy the rainy days and Stay healthy!


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