Career in film: director for movies

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One of the careers in Hollywood that is prestigious and hard to do is being a director. Even though it’s hard work, long hours and demanding, directors do make a high income and it can be as high as one million dollars per episode that they work on. It’ll depend on how much experiences they have and what kind of show they’re doing and the budget and how much the producers want them. They do get a very nice income for all of their hard work. Most directors make in the millions. Film crew make as much as a thousand dollars per day.

Generally people make a pretty decent income in Hollywood. The nature of their work is completely different then normal people. They work more hours and under stressful condition. They have to drive all of their equipment to an on location site and film there. Sometimes they have to work under cold and very hot weather. They then have to move all of the cars back to the studio after their filming.

It’s very stressful and redundant sometimes.
If you want to become a director you have to enjoy working under all these harsh conditions. It’s also very difficult to get a steady directing job. There are so many directors out there without a job. The job goes to the best candidate. You don’t really stay with the same company from years to years but once you have done a film you’re pretty much looking for a next film to work on. Therefore, the more networks you have the better it is for you.

There are some directors out there that have made their success without a college degree like Steven Spielberg. He is a very wealthy man and he just barely got his BS after he made his fortune. Unless you know people, you will need to have a college degree and experiences. The more experiences you have the better. You will need to attend many events in Hollywood in order to network more.
After you have obtained your degree you can start working on projects to get experiences. You can join the union because you’ll need to be a union member with the director guild in order to receive union pay. Most films are union and it’s a requirement that you obtain a union status. Once you have your union card and your experiences you can now get an agent or start hunting for things yourself. There are so many freelance opportunities for directors. You can even have your own productions and put stuff on Myspace or Youtube for some exposure and ads revenues. There’s many business opportunity for you too.


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