Career: acting in Hollywood

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Acting is one of those careers that will put you ahead of everyone but it’s also very demanding. It’s true what they said you pay for what you get. Yes! You do pay a high price in order to be an actor.  Sometimes actors have to give up their time with friends and family and fly all over the place to film. They have to make so many sacrifices.

They have to deal with a lot of things that a normal person with a normal job doesn’t have to deal with. A lot of these things are embarrassing too. It’s a lot of pressure for them to look thin all the time and to be in their best looks all the time. They could lose an opportunity if they gain weight. This is why you would see celebrity doing drugs because drugs keep them very thin but it’s very harmful and you do see a number of them dying young.
Actors go through so much more difficulty than a person with a normal job and that’s why they are paid very high and this could be in millions. The top pay actors would get about $30 million per movie contract. Will Smith is one of the top paying actors currently in Hollywood. It used to be Tom Cruise but I think Tom Cruise is near retiring with so much work out there already.

The film industry is one of those industries that don’t require a lot. It’s easier to become an actor than anything else in this world. You don’t need to have a college degree or experiences even; however, these things would really help. The more credential and experiences that you have the better it is for you but you can just get by at an entry level. Hollywood is not a traditional workplace.


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