Health and food safety: Salmonella outbreak in Mexico

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According to the CDC,there was a salmonella breakout in Jalapeno pepper that was packaged in Mexico. 19 people were infected with salmonella in Mexico during May 2008. The salmonella SaintPaul also spread to the other 43 states including Canada and District of Columbia.

Later on the there were 1440 people infected with salmonella across the 43 states that include Canada and District of Columbia. Every states in these 43 states have infected people with mostly Caucasians and Hispanic males and the rest being in smaller number. They are around 20-29 years of age. Serrano pepper and tomatoes were found to be the source. The onset peak around August 11, 2008. Three hundred people were hospitalized and two were dead.

Signs and symptoms of Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 12-72 hours after infection. A stool sample is use to make diagnosis. The illness last about a week. It can naturally go away but severe infections can occur and people can die from it. Those with weakened immune system can catch on to it easily such as the elderly, children or sick people. The salmonella can enter the bloodstream and enter body sites which can cause death.

Salmonella can easily enter foods if the food preparer is not taking septic precautions. This is why eating out is not safe sometimes. Also eating out in foreign country that don’t have high health standards are not safe sometimes. You should never eat from street vendors because they don’t have sinks to wash their hands. Foreign country usually don’t have good foods health practice at all.


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