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How to Decorate Your Home With The Country Style Look

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The country style look in interior design is one that never goes out of fashion. It incorporates the simplistic elements of a countryside setting with natural materials, furniture that is functional and practical and soft earthy colors. It should though, be used in homes that are located in the country because it will seem out of place in homes in a city. This article will guide you through creating this look for your home by discussing the following:

  • The key characteristics of the country style look

  • The key colors

  • Walls

  • Window dressings

  • Lighting techniques

  • Floors

  • Soft furnishings and fabrics

Key characteristics

  1. Wooden furniture is the most important part of decorating in this style. The natural materials give the room a natural look that brings the outdoors inside. Chunky pieces of pine or dark oak are the best choices or pieces that have a rustic look. A dresser or hutch should be used to display china.

  2. Floors are also wood to blend in with the natural design. These should be of earthy colors – pine and oak plank floors look especially good, as do terracotta or stone flooring. Rugs on the floor add a soft and comforting touch. Try to select rugs that are of a traditional design, such as rag rugs or ones with a traditional pattern in them.

  3. Patchwork designs add to the country style look.

  4. An open fire in the living room and a wood burning stove provide a really authentic touch. Not only do they provide character, but they add to the ambiance of the room.

Key colors

The color scheme for the country style look comes from nature. Soft earthy tones are the best choices – terracotta, browns, and reds. The lighter shades should be those of leaves and flowers in pastel greens and blues, while yellow and white add a soft background color to the rooms of your home. These colors also add light to small rooms. In homes where there are small rooms with small windows, while white does enhance the appearance of the size of the room, avoid the use of bright whites. Instead use muted whites and cream colors to create a calming effect.


Since older homes do not have perfect finishes on the walls, try to add uneven textures to bring out the country style look in your home. Textured plaster finished in a soft pastel is one way of achieving the traditional country style of décor. Wall paper is another option, as are stenciling and stamping to bring the country feel to the walls of a room. Paneling also adds character as it gives a natural look in the color and feel of wood.

Window dressings

Chintz is the material of choice for window dressings in a country style home. Lightweight cotton fabrics also work well, especially those with small floral patterns or checks. Curtains should be short – toppers work well – for small windows and those for larger windows should be long and flowing. Fabric blinds are also in keeping with this style of interior decorating and keep the windows from looking too cluttered.


The lighting in a country style home should create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When combined with the glow from a fireplace or candlelight, it will truly be a place where you can relax and unwind. Bold spotlights are a no-no in this design, but dimmer switches on the lights can help you create just the right look for every room.


Natural flooring throughout the home is the key feature of the country style décor. Stone tiles are best for entryways, hallways and kitchens, but wooden floors never go out of style. Even leaving the floorboards bare and finishing them is a great option.

Soft furnishings and fabrics

Simplicity is the main characteristic of this interior design. Patterns and checks mixed together will create a really eye-appealing look. Plain cottons combined with dots, gingham and checks are great choices in cushion covers as are homemade furnishings such as crocheted blankets and homemade quilts.


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