Friday, December 15

I am Nurse Working Online

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Recently, my friends made a comment that they can always see me online in my facebook account. It is possible because I have my unlimited internet connection from Smartbro and I am doing English online teaching for Koreans. From that remark, I asked myself what are the other things that I could still do to earn since I have this unlimited internet connection.

I am a nurse by profession but because of the increasing number of nurses these days in my country and the unavailability of hospitals for employment, most of us end up pursuing a career apart from our profession like working online and others working in callcenters.

After having my volunteer duty as a nurse in one of the hospitals here, I decided to take a part time job so I could earn money. Teaching English online for Koreans is what I do at the moment but recently I have met a friend who introduced blogging to me. His story is really encouraging. He started joining Bukisa last March with just an article and to his surprise after a period and upon checking his Bukisa account, he found that the article he wrote had earned some cents and was growing everyday without him doing something and that made him write more. 

In blogging, you get to earn by writing articles online and published them. The more articles you write, the more earning you get. You just have to be diligent and be patient for you to earn and you make sure that your articles are highly researchable so to get a higher chance of being paid. 

I am writing this to encourage my fellow nurses who are unemployed or employed and some other friends who have the hobby of writing to earn and probably bridge the gap of unemployment in the country. I know how hard it is to be a volunteer nurse without getting any compensation.

Therefore, aside from checking the updates from your Facebook account and posting your comments to your friend’s  page why not post something to earn? Keep writing guys so you can also make money online.  


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