Thursday, December 14

How To Not Go Crazy Working From Home

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Working from home can drive any one a little nuts. So much time at home, alone, very little contact with other humans and adults and sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. It can be tedious and can also be why so many people give up working at home, because of the isolation. But, before you give up try a few of these tips that can be helpful and keep you going during those longs days.

  • Exercise off and on throughout the day. Take a break and stay active. Writing and working from home is a very sedative job, get moving occassionally to break the monotony. Exercise will also help with brain function and concentration. You will get a lot more done just by adding in a some exercise.

  • Join a writers club in your area. This will get you touch with others writers, allow you to share and exchange ideas and is a way to network within the industry. It is a great way to meet other adults and get out of the house for awhile.

  • Joining a book club works as well. For a lot of the same reasons as above.

  • Take a break occassionally. If you are not feeling it while working, stop. It will not get any better. Take a breather, go for a run, take a walk and let it go for awhile. Removing yourself from the situation and clear your head, it does help. When you come back to it you will feel refreshed and may have a new idea or thought to complete the project.

  • If staying home is too distracting, a last resort is to rent an office space. A small office outside the home, will get you out of the house and may even help you to find new clients. For example, renting a space and doing X amount of hours of work for the rental company to defer some of the cost.


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