Law and the senior population: Should there be a driving age limit?

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Lately there is the discussion of whether there should be an age limit for drivers such as the senior population. People are concern for their safety and the safety of others. There are two sides to this debate. You can say that yes there should be a driving age limit for the elderly or no there should not be a driving age for the senior citizen. Putting a law out there could be a harsh thing for the elderly if they have no other method of transportation.

There is no law yet for the driving age limit of the elderly. There is a law the youngster that they can’t drive until 16 years of age though. Should there be like a law that says people over certain age like 80 should not drive. This is just to protect them and the other drivers on the road. There are laws that do not allow people with a medical illness to operate a vehicle and therefore this would go toward some elderly because a number of them do have a medical illness like vision problems, Alzheimer’s, disability and many more.

Should there be a conditional law instead of just a general law about age limit. The conditional law would be that if the driver passes a certain test such as vision, physical wellness and mental wellness and driving safety then they should be able to continue to drive and those that didn’t pass should not drive for their own safety and other drivers. New law passes all the time in the US. The law could protect drivers and everyone around them of unsafe drivers.

There are plenty of driving laws already out there that ban unsafe drivers like those with a DUI or those with a suspended license. Motor accident is so common and it’s life threatening for those encountering it; therefore, the law should be to protect everyone from unsafe drivers.

I think that the elderly already have a hard time taking care of themselves at an old age and we don’t need to put more restraint on them but it’s just a question to ponder about. The majority of the

senior population don’t have children that would take care of them. There children are living on their own and would not take in their parents. This is how Americans deal with the elderly. They put them in an institution for the seniors. There will be daily things that require driving a car and if we don’t allow them to do this then they will be limited. They have to hire a caregiver to do this for them.

Living in the senior home is already expensive and they can’t afford further cost. I think that they should be allow to drive to local places if they are safe drivers and most of them are in pretty good shape. Most elderly don’t drive far anyway. There are those that are very weak on the road and do get into car accidents. I know a lady who is 76 years old and she drives but not very safely. She did get into a few car accident that seem to be a little on the dangerous side.

She hits a building once and the other time she made a left turn when there are car still driving straight forward. These are life threatening mistakes. She could only drive a straight road and she couldn’t drive all road or the freeways. She didn’t know how to make a left turn and she drives at a really slow pace. This is one example of a lady who is a risky driver for herself and for other. Not to mention she does have a mental illness too. Yet, she’s still on the road.

She needs too because she lives by herself with no children and the bus is too inconvenient for her. We can see that there are some drivers that are risky on the road for themselves and for everyone. Therefore, you should keep your distance when driving and be on the look out. You could lose your life in a car accident and many have and therefore you should of certain drivers. I one time had a man who wouldn’t move his car when everyone else is moving and I ended up rearing him because I thought he was going to move but I guess he was sleeping or on some sort of medication.

I have also encountered other drivers on the road that are quiet slow compare to the flowing traffic. They would brake when they merge onto a road from a shopping center and someone on the road has to break to the max in order to avoid hitting them. There are some that cut you off and there’s no way you can brake in time and making it very stressful for you.

I have had this happen and I was lucky to have stopped in time but I had brake so hard that my car almost spin. I have witnessed on the freeway that a car jump several times like a bull when braking h

ard in order to avoid hitting other drivers. I have seen a lot of bad car accident in LA freeways. Driving is risky and there’s plenty of unsafe drivers out there and you have to watch out. The elderly will have to learn to drive safer and only drive when necessary.


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