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Don't Avoid Unhealthy Teeth

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Many steps must be taken to reach optimal oral hygiene. The number one method of dental hygiene is through teeth brushing. By regularly brushing teeth, using a toothbrush and toothpaste, teeth will remain strong and healthy. Toothpaste is a necessity. When studying the history of toothpaste, one realizes how great an invention it is. Toothpaste is used by spreading it over the bristles of a toothbrush. Tooth brushing is an integral part of oral hygiene. Toothpaste helps prevent gingivitis. The bristles of a toothbrush are instrumental in the removal of harmful bacteria from the mouth.

Children should be monitored when using toothpaste. The first mention of toothpaste was found in a manuscript in Egypt dating back to the 4th century A.D. Iris flowers was one of the ingredients used to make toothpaste long ago. Toothpaste use was not quite as popular before the 19th century. Tooth powder was a popular form of toothpaste back in the day. The recipe for tooth powder back in the 19th century was not quite as refined. The toothpaste we know today came after tooth powders. Toothpaste took a while to find a calling. Regarding the composition of toothpastes, the most active ingredient is fluoride.

Fluoride is effective in preventing the formation of cavities. Flouride comes in various forms. Did you know that toothpastes get rated? Minerals are needed by the teeth to fight off diseases. Potassium prevents teeth from reacting harshly to hot or cold temperatures. Toothpaste is not a toy.

Just because it smells like mint does not mean toothpaste should be eaten. Toothpaste consumption has bad after effects. It is dangerous to swallow toothpaste. Young children are the common victims of toothpaste consumption. Herbal toothpastes can be toxic.

My name is Rene and I am from Hicksville, NY. Growing up, I didn’t take care of my teeth so well. I had no intentions of visiting the dentist or doing extra things that can keep my teeth healthy. I just want to share with everybody the importance of having healthy teeth.


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