Saturday, December 16

The "flower Bali" Bra, Best Support Bra Ever!

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     For all of you women out there who are “top heavy” and are a fan of the “Flower Bali” Bra, they are getting rather hard to find.  I have been wearing these bras for OVER 10 years now and have NEVER found another bra that offers the support that the “Flower Bali” does!  Even the other styles of Bali Bras don’t have the support that these do.  The bra has no padding on the inside (which scares some, if you know what I mean) but to me it is well worth the support you get.  This is also not one of your prettier or sexier bras but still worth it for the support. They have an underwire, which really helps to keep things in place! 

     Most bras I have tried do not keep me from “jiggling” around when I walk, run, etc.  These do!  They hold you UP and in place with a tighter fit than any I’ve tried before!  Trust me, I have tried all of the major name-brands, including the popular “Victoria’s Secret” and I was willing to pay whatever the price!   Then one of my friends told me about the “Flower Bali”, as soon as I had this bra on and fastened I was sold!!   I am hearing through the grapevine that they might possibly be discontinued in the near future, (which really makes me sad).   I recently found the following website  Not only does it have the “Flower Bali” in every color that it comes in (beige, white and black) but it currently has them selling for $14.99!!  Alot cheaper than the $28.00 I have been paying for years!

     I hope this article was helpful to you and Happy Shopping!


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