Monday, December 18

Puff The Magic Legislation

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In 1996, California passed the Compassionate Use Act and since then thirteen states have followed suit.  As healthcare costs rise out of control and the perception of the economy gets worse, state legislators are looking for alternative ways to combat costs and spending by as much as possible without raising taxes.  Unfortunately, that may not be the reality. 

In the current year, marijuana use is not only a common occurrence among a large percentage of the United States population, but has an increasing elderly crowd that no longer succumbs to the propaganda.  As the baby boomer generation moves along in years, marijuana is a welcomed alternative medicine to help soothe physical and financial pains. 

So long as marijuana remains on the DEA’s Schedule I list with harder drugs such as LSD, it will never get the proper research to finally put to rest the many rumors.  Instead of the tired rhetoric, lawmakers need to hear the potential domino effect on the economy of a multibillion dollar industry. 

Positions from distributors, farmers, retailers, nurses, doctors, patients, low-wage workers, researchers, physical therapists and so on will be open for the many jobless citizens hoping and waiting for a drastic change to their community.  Among the many jobs and sales, a small sales tax to boost state and local governments as well as employee taxes for federal and state benefits.  It may not be a silver bullet, but it will be a dent in the already out of control debt not only the nation faces, but many states as well.

Many cities have blocks of dilapidated warehouses that serve no purpose and could be renovated to produce marijuana that can be grown year-round with low maintenance.  It has multiple uses and properties that can be changed with cross-breeding.  A marijuana cross-breeding facility could spur a new age of medicine, forever finding new cures and ailments and supply them at a low cost.

America needs to cast off the shackles of the old guard system and bring on a newer, safer, cheaper alternative to the rising healthcare costs and the drug war.


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