Friday, December 15

Diaper Causes Rashes

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There are many causes of rashes in babies.  This includes the diapers we get for them.  Aside from the convenience of using these diapers, it is very practical for parents to use them.  It would not require any parent to wash and iron cloth diapers.  Any time the baby needs a diaper they are available.

But it cannot be avoided that babies will have diaper rash.  Diaper rashes are caused by the moisture and bacteria from the urine and feces of the baby.  They also include the detergents used for the washable diapers.  And though this is not a really serious condition for the baby, it can cause irritation.

Symptoms of diaper rashes include redness of the baby’s buttocks and the groin area.  These rashes are very noticeable in fair skinned babies.

Here are a few reminders to avoid diaper rash:

  1. Immediately take the diaper off if it is already full.  There are diapers that have indicators that tell they are full.  If the diaper you purchased do not have these, it can be noticed by the lump.

  2. Do not put on new diapers right away if you had just taken off a full diaper.  Let the baby’s buttocks be exposed for air within five to ten minutes.

  3. For washable diapers, do not use strong detergents.  Mild detergents can be used washing these diapers.  Do not use bleaching soap or other chemicals, too.

  4. When your baby has diaper rash, do not used plastic pants.

  5. If your baby has diarrhea, apply zinc oxide or barrier cream on the diaper area before you put on the diaper to your baby.

  6. Avoid multi-layered diapers.

  7. If your baby frequently gets diaper rashes, it is time to change the brand.


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