Wednesday, December 13

Bloomberg Comes to Bp's Defense

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Oil spills and the gulf screams.  BP has a solution but will takes weeks to implement with only an estimate.  The image of the British oil titan has sunk it’s market share and reduced it’s stock price to the lowest levels in fourteen years.  Yet New York City Mayor Bloomberg has come to their defense stating BP CEO Tony Hayward has done everything he can and should not be scrutinized for all the mistakes. 

Seems he too would like Transocean and Halliburton to speak up about their efforts and relation to the explosion.  They are quiet when it comes to the gulf spill clean up and response.  Transocean and Halliburton have hidden behind the flack BP has received and came out without a scratch and continuing to operate without a full investigation.  Too many close ties to Congress and the White House have plauged our seas and our dignity as a nation.

In a sense I agree with Mayor Bloomberg because Tony Hayward should not be balmed for everything, but BP was the operator of the rig and they had oversight and governance.  Unfortunately that self-governance proved disastrous thanks to back hand deals with Mineral Management Services and corrupt individuals.

Corporations are legal entities that need to be taken to court and served with criminal justice.  They act like thugs and need to be treated like thugs.  Why hire the same contractor, doctor, lawyer, etc. who messed up more than a few times and failed to pay dues.

Big oil has once again reared its ugly head and proven how ugly our addiction to fossil fuels and repressing our ability to move forward with greener, cleaner technologies that benefit the people and the planet.


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