Career and family: job loss and mental distress

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People usually become a mess after a job loss like some recent tragedy in the News. The Santa massacre and the XRay techs family all died over job losses. It wasn’t worth it but it happened. Losing your job can be devastating and many people share the same feelings however, you shouldn’t be because you can always find another job sooner or later and you can still have some sort of unemployment benefit and savings. There’s no need to start another problem for yourself but I guess people don’t think that way sometimes. Losing your job is a depressing thing but it’s not the end of the world. You can get unemployment benefit for up to one year and in the mean time you can find other work.

You should save for a rainy day so that you don’t lose your mind when you lose your job. Some people live on pay check to paycheck and this is never the best solutions. Plan early and get ready for the unexpected. This is what most people would tell you and yet not a lot of people follow this advice. You never know when the hurricane is going to hit your town just like in Texas recently. A lot of people in Texas lost everything and now they’re barely starting over again. You never know when a natural disaster might hit your location and you could lose everything. The same with a job you will never know when you’ll get laid off so plan to save for that rainy day.

Family run into problems but one of those will mostly be based on financial problems. Couple fights over money. They fight over writing a will. They fight over each others spending habit. They get stressed out if there’s not enough money to flow around for their daily livings. Finance will always be the culprit of most family’s problems. What can you do to help? If only one spouse works then you can join force and get a job.

This will alleviate their stress and you’ll have more money flowing around. If you’re the children and you’re old enough to get a job then do so and help out your folks. Parents have to take care of children all of their lives and it get depressing sometimes. If your family has become a place where you can’t thrive anymore then move out to another place. Move in with your grandmother or your boyfriend. Do something about it but don’t sit around hoping for it to end. Take action and have control over your life. Finance is the number one reason that couples fight in a marriage and then get a divorce. If it’s an important issue then you should take the time out daily or weekly to work it out and make it lesser of a problem. It’s not impossible to get your finance priority together.


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