friendster or multiply?

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Both are social networks. Both have millions of members.
But whose the best?

Of course you could always say that it depends on which one suits you best. But let us be honest about it, which one offers the best features? Let’s take a look.

While both are user0friendly, Multiply offers more privacy for those who does not want to share their life to the rest of the world. You can upload unlimited photos, videos, songs, and of course, Blogs. For those who only wants to share their lives on the people they know, Multiply would suit them fine. Your profiles can only be viewed by people who knows your web address or is in your network. You may also upload personal files and is allowed to choose whether you want it shared to everybody, your network or to a select few you choose to share with.

On the downside however, for those who loves personalizing their pages, Multiply can be very hard to customize and only those who are really adept in CSS or are lucky enough to find layouts and themes they like can really personalize their pages. Those who likes to have many friends in their network may not like multiply that much. Unlike in friendster where everybody seemed eager to have new friends, most Multiply user are picky in accepting invites. And because only those you like or likes you enough to accept your invite can be in your network, your friendslist can be very small. Which is a blessing for those who does not really like that much of ‘joiners’ in their lives.

Meanwhile, I guess everybody will agree that friendster is more user-friendly than multiply. Here you can find long lost friends in just a click and expand your network almost without limit. You can also have albums though you are only allowed to have few and not allowed to uplaod videos. Friendster also offers fun widgets, group features, bulletin where you can announce or post anything, shout out your feelings to the world, and allows you to totally make-over your profile.

But for those who loves blogging, uploading videos and photos, friendster is very limited. Spams are also common and anybody can just view your profile. Although they do have the security features which allows you to choose whether you want anybody to view your profile or just those from your network. Your profile page an also be very crowded if you try to add all the widgets you love.

When it comes to features and security and privacy, it is more advisable to use multiply. But when it comes to connectibility and user-friendly features, friendster is the network to go.

So, which between the two I would choose?
I guess both. They both have their flaws but if you use them together, you can have the best of both. *wink**wink*


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