Friday, December 15

Why Does President Barack Hussein Obama Hate Louisiana?

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In the beginning, the Obama administration tried to take control over the BP Gulf oil spill situation without taking any of the responsibility.  The best example of this contradictory stance was seen when the administration was asked if BP had refused to do anything that the Obama administration had told them them to do.   The administration swallowed hard and tried to duck that question.  Finally they had to answer “no.”  This means that when Obama is pointing fingers at who is the blame for the current mess in the gulf, he needs to be standing in front of a mirror.

When foreign nations offered to help with the spill the Obama administration turned down their offers.

When the state of Louisiana repeatedly requested permission to perform actions to safeguard industries and wild life, the Obama administration either dragged their feet or said “no.”

The final straw occurred when the Obama administration set up a panel of experts to recommended action on the oil spill.   When the Obama administration found itself at odds with the expert panel, Obama operatives lied about the report and the recommendations.    The most costly lie that the Obama administration told concerning the report was that all oil drilling needed to be shut down.  As a result of this idiotic action thousands of people associated with the oil industries are not working and the oil they would be drilling is not coming into the US.

Moreover, the Obama administration has kicked BP in the teeth so many times that BP shares have lost 60% of their stock market value.  Some how the geniuses in the Obama administration have failed to make a simple calculation.  If they succeed in destroying BP, who will pay for the clean up?  That right.  The taxpayers.

So the question arises, does Obama hate Louisiana?  Is he punishing the state for having a Republican governor?

We already know that Obama hates the domestic energy industry and capitalism and he is now stomping on them both with both golf cleated feet.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  Obama promised us skyrocketing energy prices before he was elected president.  Is he about to deliver?





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