Wednesday, December 13

How To Make Delicious Turkey Burgers And Turkey Barbecue Pan

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Turkey Burgers

Burgers taste of all ages! Juicy burgers cooking grill overlooking a delicious turkey patty, which is sufficient to up to four burgers.

What you need?4 servings1 package (about 600-700 g) Fair Kariniemen turkey steak, herba splash of oil4 hamburger1 silver onion rings1-2 tomatoes, sliced4 cheddarjuustoviipalettarucola4 lettuce leaves4 tablespoons garlic

Grill the turkey Fair steak on both sides and divide it into four parts. Grilling hamburgers in a bun if you wish. Put the stuffing burgers silver onion rings, tomato slices, cheddar cheese, rocket, lettuce leaves, turkey Fair Journal of steak and garlic.

Broiler Barbecue Pan

Casserole dishes will taste even in summer, and they can prepare the grill while the sun and enjoying the warm summer air. Easy to mold needs only joined by plenty of fresh salad or fresh herbs.Chicken fileeviipaleet mango-chili is a very welcome product for grilling or other cooking, marinade because it is nice and different and delicious flavor. Fillet slices are also a good size in the mouth, skewer sticks, or even salads when operated as a raw material.

What you need?1 package (about 500-600 g) HK chicken fillet slices, mango-chili2 tbsp oil1 kg new crop of potatoes2 onions segments100 g cherry tomatoes100 g mushroomssaltblack pepperchili powder2 dl of cooking cream100 g cheese

Grease a two-liter aluminum pan with oil.Cut the potatoes, onion wedges and sliced mushrooms. Mix together the cherry tomatoes and slices of steak with a dish. Season with salt, black pepper and a touch of chili powder.Cover the casserole with aluminum foil and place on grill or parilan. Turn the ingredients some times. When the ingredients are almost cooked, add the cream blended together and processed cheese.Preheat.


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