Saturday, December 16

Inconsistent Spongebob: Underwater or Not?

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Sponge Bob Square Pants is a cartoon about a sponge living underwater with fishes and other underwater animals. This is not going to be a review on the cartoon. I do not watch this show but because I have nephews who do, I’ve seen enough of it to make me ask one question: Are they or aren’t they under water? I am going to point out a couple of scenes that makes this…I think the correct word would be questionable.

Yes, I know this is a cartoon created for small kids. I know cartoons should be allowed to do things which cannot be done in reality and I very much agree with, and why I will excuse fire appearing underwater. One thing that should still be present is consistency.

Squid watering his lawn: This first one comes from the episode where Spongebob and his pink friend, Patrick, are playing in an underwater graveyard with a lawnmower and ends up shaving off the beard off a ghost. As an act of revenge, Sponge Bob and Patrick are turned into ghosts and the first thing they do is mess with Squidward, their neighbor, who was watering his lawn at the time.

Spongebob learns how to surf: Another episode where the creators forgot their characters are supposed to be underwater. I am not sure what happened or why but Spongebob was stranded on an island with Squidward, and had to take surfing lessons so he could get back home.

On the beach: Spongebob or another character will sometimes go to the beach. This beach has its own body of water separated from the body of water they are living in. Is it possible for a body of water to appear under water?

Krab fishing from a boat: Obviously fishing from a boat can only be done on top of water. There was one episode where Spongebobs’ boss, Eugene, was in a boat fishing for a dollar. Also, aren’t boats supposed to be an equivalent to a car for them?

At the times that Spongebob or someone else does actually leave the water, they turn into plastic toys. This did not happen in the scenes I posted out above meaning they were still underwater.


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