Monday, December 18

Clint Dempsey

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A speculative left-footed shot from 22 yards out from United States attacker Clint Dempsey was let in by goalkeeper Robert Green despite the shot being hit right to him.

Dempsey was given room outside the area to let the shot goal. The ball went along the ground to Green, kneeing in the middle of goal. The ball hit Green’s gloves just above the field, but the West Ham United keeper still allowed the ball through him, into goal.

It was as soft a goal as you could see in professional soccer. Regardless, the United States equalized at the 40 minute mark


Robert Green’s status as the starting goalkeeper was not verified until today’s line-up. David James, another potential starter, continued to struggle with a knee injury while Joe Hart, England’s Professional Football Writers best goalkeeper last season, Fabio Capello’s third option.

Clinton Drew “Clint” Dempsey (born March 9, 1983) is an American soccer player who currently plays for English Premier League club Fulham and for the United States national team. A versatile attacking player known for his ball skills, he can be used on either wing or as a striker.

Known for his toughness, Dempsey played two games with a broken jaw in 2004 before the team trainer diagnosed it, and upon his return, he played through the pain of a sprained ankle. Despite usually playing in wide positions, he frequently scores close-range goals and has scored repeatedly with diving headers in crowded situations. His tenacity in midfield combined with his audacious dribbling skills frequently results in opponents fouling him, and Dempsey has gained a reputation for fierce play. He was suspended by the New England Revolution for two weeks in March 2006 for a fist fight with teammate Joe Franchino during a practice game[28] and was twice suspended by MLS during the 2006 season for violent conduct against opponents, including an elbow that broke the jaw of national teammate Jimmy Conrad. In a similar incident with Fulham in 2007, Dempsey broke the cheekbone of Chelsea defender John Terry in an aerial challenge but was not penalized.


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