Monday, December 11

Land of Nod For You're Little Ones

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Each night some of us parents spend half the night trying to put our little ones to bed and it sometimes ends up with them playing up when its time for bed.

Would you like to know how to maybe solve this. Every one has different life styles and commitments. What works for one may not work for another but some of the suggestions might lend a hand to you.

Routine. When a child gets in to a routine they know what to expect and what is expected of them. What is in a routine. Something that is tried to be repeated every night easier on you and your little one.

Winding down time. This is needed to get the ball rolling. Have you ever tried to put your little ones to bed when they are bouncing of the walls. It just wont do any good and the circle starts to begin. This could consist of supper bath or just watching TV anything just to slow them down putting them into a calm state.

Getting night clothes on. This can be a step in the right direction now we have the ball rolling with there routine. Some little ones hate this part of going to bed and you end up chasing them round the front room with their night cloths half on and half off. They should know what’s coming next and are getting use to what is expected of them. Things like this do take time but little ones can adjust to new things sometimes better than us grown ups can.

Brushing teeth. This might seem obvious but it helps with our new routine and when they can do it for themselves they feel independent. You can worry about the mess in the sink after.

Getting them settled in bed. This is best achieved with quite tones, nothing to excite or all your hard work will be undone you don’t want to start winding them up with playing with them at this point. Having them right were you want them you can either read them a story or just sit with them quietly for a while. A kiss good night and they should be in the land of nod I hope very soon.


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