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Dating a Taurus: What to Expect in a Relationship With Taureans

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What might be expected when dating a Taurus man or Taurus woman and how to woo and win a Taurus Man or Taurus woman:

Dating a Taurus Man

The Venus-ruled Taurus has a natural, healthy, old-fashioned approach towards romance. Yet beneath the surface of his cool, calm exterior lies a passionate and sensuous man. He might be slow to show his interest but when encouraged, he will take his lover to paradise and beyond!

Taurus can be quite irresistible to women. His ways of love are warm and demonstrative. He is not particularly outgoing. Serious about his love affairs, he is likely to take things slowly.

Earthy, practical Taurus is also quite vulnerable and fears rejection. In romance, he can become possessive and may need to hold back from smothering his partner with too much affection.

Jealousy could also be a problem. Even so, this is because he really cares and his love is enduring.

Dating a Taurus Woman

The natural beauty of the Venus-ruled Taurus woman attracts men like flies to a light bulb! But it takes a particular kind of guy to grab her interest. Love to her is not a game. She has to know a relationship is going somewhere before she responds with enthusiasm.

Taurus is stimulated by touch and feel. She is practical and intelligent. An air of quiet confidence often hides the sensual woman beneath. Ms. Taurus is not, however, in a rush to share her body as she needs the security of a long-term relationship. She is worth the wait!

How to Woo and Win a Taurus Man

Taurus is an incurable romantic. He won’t be a one for loud parties and he prefers cosy gatherings to being in a crowd. His ideas of courtship is walks in the park followed by a picnic, dining in expensive restaurants and sharing love poems. Taurus prefers to demonstrate his affections through gifts and other loving gestures.

He’ll have a favourite song which he’ll say always reminds him of his girl. She should be sure to always wear the same expensive perfume so he knows when she walks in the room!

How to Woo and Win a Taurus Woman

Given the choice, she’d rather enjoy an intimate dinner for two than a large gathering. She won’t say no to a day at an amusement park, or a hike in the country but she can also be satisfied with simple pleasures such as a picnic by the sea. Taurus is sensual but she must feel secure about her partner before she’ll let this side of her nature show.

Cook her a meal (don’t use the microwave!). Feed her by candlelight with soft background music. Because despite what she might tell you, Ms. Taurus does appreciate good food, excellent wine and expensive restaurants! The Taurus woman has the ultimate in good taste. An evening in a plush hotel with a four-poster bed and silken sheets would blow her mind


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