Friday, December 15

Techie Stuff And Keyboard Shortcuts I Have Learned From My Cat

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Cats love computers. They love computer keyboards. They love to sit on them, walk on them, sleep on them. They love to make sounds with them, like that rapid fire machine gun sound they make when they stand on the Enter key.

Most of all, cats love to experiment with interesting new settings. And second only to chasing laser lights, is the joy that comes from watching their human pets try to figure out how to restore these magical boxes to their original functionality.

My cat loves to lounge on my laptop. If I leave the room for even a minute, I come back to find her on my computer, and I find yet another learning opportunity for me.

Today, I would like to share with you a small sampling of the tech stuff I have learned from my cat:

*When all your toolbars disappear: Press F11 to exit Full Screen Mode

*When Firefox suddenly starts opening every link in a new window instead of a new tab: Go to Tools>Options>Tabs. Re-check the box “open new windows in a new tab instead” then restart Firefox.

*When everything on your screen is upside down or Sideways: Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Key will flip your screen back right-side up.

*When your Windows task bar is sitting sideways on your desktop: Drag it back

*Google cannot find any matching entries for the search term “qqqqqqqqqqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” (I am thinking of buying that domain. I wonder how much traffic I would get.)

Other useful Shortcuts for cat owners:

I had another cat years ago who would often wreak havoc with my computer. Looking back, I can trace pretty much every keyboard shortcut and techie fix I know to my cats. It would be interesting to do a study of Computer Techs to see how many of them are cat owners.

My guess, quite a few.

How many techie things and shortcuts have you learned from your cat?


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