Friday the 13th movie review

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Friday the 13th is a new movie that will come out this February the 13th 2009 in theater everywhere. If you like horror movie then this one is for you, it’s a great one for Halloween but it’s not Halloween now. I rather not sit through a horror film right before Valentine’s Day. The movie is rated R. The genre is horror.

The movie director is Marcus Nispel and several producers such as Brian Witten, Guy Stodel, Sean Cunningham, and Walter Hamada. The starring casts are Jared Padlecki playing Clay Miller, Danielle Panabaker playing Jenna, Amanda Righetti playing Whitney Miller. The supporting actors are Travis Van Winkle playing Trent, Aaron Yoo playing Chewie, Derek Mears playing Jason Voorhees, Jonatha Sadowski playing Wade, Julianna Guill playing Bree, Ben Feldman playing Richie, and Arlen Escarpeta playing Lawrence. The actresses in this movie are young and beautiful.

The entire cast is about mid 20s something. What is it about? Well, it’s about the Hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees who is waiting in the rotting cabins to go after a group of college students that are partying in the forest. It doesn’t look like it’s a great place to party but these students went there and you’ll get to see each scenes with the students running away from the masked Jason who’s going after them. You’ll get to see a lot of screaming and frightful moves with the young college students. People who pre-screen it rated it pretty high. This is for horror films lovers. You can see the trailer at and see the photos and casts information.



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