Recession Proof your Household

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Many times it is easy to feel that you have no control over your finances. You may feel that you do your time at your nine to five job. Creating at least one additional stream of income can help your household stay in the black.

Recession Proof Jobs

Is your current profession fading away? Many railroad workers, outdated technology salesmen, and even GM employees are looking to change their careers. If your current career is giving you bright warning signs that things are not okay with that particular market, you need to diversify your income. Many times your job may be available for months or even a year or two. This is the time to embrace new skills, learn at least one other skill.

This new skill does not have to be rocket science. Simply information that other people do not know, and will pay you for. Great examples are people who know how to do heating and cooling repair of air conditioners and heating systems. In August someone will pay you cash,to get their air back on quickly. Washing machine repair, vacuum repair, and car or motorcycle mechanics all have one thing in common. They know something that the average Joe does not know how to do, or is not willing to put forth the effort to find out how.

Find a task that you can do well, in a timely fashion. Perhaps you can clean, organize, cook, sew, babysit on date nights, or tutor. Spend at least twohours a week testing out the waters. For example if you find two clients who would like you to come and clean their homes once a week. Modest fees for this example could be twenty five dollars to forty five dollars an hour per client. That translates to two hundred dollars to three hundred and sixty dollars you could receive for 8 hours of work done over the course of one month.

Recession proof your income by doing any task that people with disposoble income do not have the energy, time, or desire to do. Sit down in your neighborhood and talk with people, look, watch, see what need you can fill for your community. Save part of the money you create and place in your emergency fund and pay off debt. Use these tips to keep money flowing into your household.


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