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Speeding up Your Internet Connection For Gaming

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Tweak for Speeding up your Internet connection for Gaming (Windows)

Heres a handy tweak you can do for Windows that will decrease your latency while playing games on line. I’ve tested this in 6 different games and it definitely works.

  1. Go to the start menu then click run.

  2. Type Regedit and press enter.

  3. Click on Hkey local machine then go down the sub folders as follows :

  4. System sub folder.

  5. Next find the folder CurrentControlSet.

  6. Then head to Services.

  7. The next folder to find is TCP/IP.

  8. Next folder down is Parameters.

  9. Then finally open the Interfaces folder.

  10. So the full path should look like this: Hkey local machine -> System -> Current ControlSet -> Services -> TCP/IP -> Parameters -> Interfaces.

  11. Check the folders within Interface for the folder containing DhcpIpAdress.

  12. Right click in the right side area.

  13. Go to the new Dword option.

  14. Name it exactly as follows: TcpAckFrequency and press Enter.

  15. Right click on your newly created Dword.

  16. Go to Modify and set the value to 1 and the base to hexadecimal.

  17. Exit out of the Registry Editor.

  18. Go to Control Panel.

  19. Then Network Connections.

  20. Right click your Internet connection and disable it.

  21. Re enable your Internet connection and your set to go!

How it works :

Data is sent across the Internet in packets, with each packet verification is sent to make sure data is being received on the other end. This registry edit reduces the verification packets sent so they are only sent when a problem is detected.

This trick almost halved my latency greatly improving my gaming experience.


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