The international movie review

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The International is a new movie that will be release this February 13, 2009 . If you like to watch a thriller, suspenseful movie then this one is for you and that’s pretty much is the deal about this one. You’ll get to enjoy the action of two people as they fight the people that fund banking terrorism. There’ll be a lot of finger biting moments and risky attacks between the two sides. There’re not a lot of people involved but the two main agents and the rest.

This is not a happy one but a nail biting one. If you enjoy action and fighting then this one is for you. Who are the casts? Clive Owen playing Louis Salinger, Naomi Watts playing Eleanor Whitman, Armin Mueller, and Brian F. O’Bryrne. Who is the director? Tom Tykwer directed this one. The executive producers are Alan Glazer and Ryan Kavanaugh. The screenwriter is Eric Warren Singer. The genre is drama, suspense and thriller.

What is it about? This is about the agent Louis Salinger who will join forces with New York prosecutor Eleanor Whitman to stop a terrorism bank funding scheme by following the money from Germany to Italy to New York to Turkey . They will be fighting and risking their own lives at the hands of the people who won’t stop at nothing to have their scheme uninterrupted. This is not a happy movie but an action one that can make you bite your nails. People who have pre-screen it rated it pretty high. You can see the trailer and photos and read more about the review at .



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