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Travel Guide to Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, Transport

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Travel Malaysia, a country, full of cultural and historical discoveries. Experience the wild life, the sounds from the bush and the pristine beaches.

Pulau Tioman, the largest island on the East Coast of the Malaysian Peninsular.

Belonging to the state of Pahang, but situated approximately 50 kilometers of the coast of The state of Johor. Tioman Malaysia Island has a good variety of water sports and accommodations to offer. For many years Tioman was mainly know for the scuba diving and snorkeling options around the island. While tourism developed over the years, jungle tracking and eco tourism became important leisure activities.. But above all the magnificent beaches and the lush jungle are the main attraction for many holidaymakers.

Duty Free Zone Tioman Island

Tioman is one of the few Duty Free zones in Malaysia, no one is allowed to transport any duty free goods back to the mainland. Alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate are extremely inexpensive compared to other parts of the country.

Transportation to Pulau Tioman

Two options to come to the island, by boat or by plane. The only airline flying to Pulau Tioman is Berjaya Air, and the comfortable DeHavilland Dash 7 transports any traveler in just over one hour from Kuala Lumpur. Large ferries and fast speedboats leave from early morning till dusk from Mersing and Tanjung Gemuk. The Ferry is slow and steady and takes two and half hours to reach the destination. The speedboats swoop to the island in less than an hour.

The South China Seas surrounding Tioman can be unpredictable. But from the middle of March till end of September the seas are mild enough to make the sea crossing.

At the Mersing and Tanjung Gemuk jetties operators offer rooms, chalets and home stay options. The accommodations on the island are basic to standard, luxury is not really found unless visiting  the 5 star Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort; a top resort in Malaysia.

Almost every town and beach, have their own jetty where speedboats and ferries from the mainland moor of for departing visitors.

Once on the island, boats are the only form of transport to get to other beaches or villages. Many little fisherman boats bring guests for a few dollars from one beach to the next.

Only the town of Tekek, has local transport as motorbikes and cars. A tourist easily walks across town in less than ten minutes.

Jungle in Tioman Island

Jungle tracks and tracking are organized from Tekek. Hiking the long trail is possible; some choose the four-wheel drive transport options crossing the island from west to east and vice-versa.

Pulau Tioman is fun, cheap, and full of adventure. Tioman Malaysia a great place for travelers to become absorbed by island life, for a weekend or long stay holiday.

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