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How to Decorate in The Contenporary Style

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You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator to be able to decorate your home in the contemporary style. The basic elements of this style incorporate light and space as well as form, function, color and texture. It offers an uncluttered look that is not stark and bare, but provides a softer approach. The layout of the design is an open plan that is seamless, practical and hardwearing, yet comfortable.

At the same time, there is a certain amount of rigidity giving a neat and precise appearance. Every room should be planned to make sure that there is a place for everything. A busy family can enjoy a lifestyle that is easy to maintain with effective storage solutions. Built-in cupboards can be incorporated into the design of the room so that it they are silhouetted to make the rooms comfortable and appealing to the eye. Accessories need to be kept to a minimum and the few that are used should be large and have room to breathe with empty spaces around them.

The key characteristics of the contemporary style of decorating are:

  1. Seamless open living plan. Colors should be consistent throughout to make the rooms look as if they are larger than they actually are. Neutral colors are the best choices because they blend harmoniously throughout the space. If you do want to use bold colors, use bright splashes of colors in the different rooms to create different zones.

  2. Seamless blend of hard surfaces. In the contemporary style, hard surfaces should become planes of color and texture. The best choices are glossy surfaces, such as glossy granite, reflective glass or marble. Hardwood floor is the best flooring choice and stainless steel appliances work best in the kitchen.

  3. Storage. Ample storage space is the key feature in the contemporary style of decorating. It must be organized so that there is no clutter in any of the rooms. Floor to ceiling cupboards that have flush doors add to the ambiance of any room.

  4. Simplicity. Simplicity is another of the key features of this style of decorating. In the living room or family room, for example, a fireplace should be a contemporary design with a remote control.

  5. Use of spotlights. Spotlights provide a variety of lighting effects that suit the contemporary design. Mixing low-voltage lighting with statement pieces will really enhance the look you are trying to create.

Walls are generally painted in soothing colors and natural materials take center stage. Some suggestions for the walls include limestone, slate, marble or polished plaster. All of these are easy on the eyes, especially when adorned with colorful works of art. Pure white seems to be the choice of those designing in this style, but this can make a room look bare. It is better to choose off-white colors to give the room a softer look.

The contemporary style is well-suited for homes with large windows – especially floor to ceiling windows. Glass plays an important role in this design and blinds are the most obvious choice for window dressings. If you prefer to use curtains, the best choice is simple, structures styles. Floor length curtains make the windows look longer.


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