Monday, December 18

Top 10 Trance Music of All Time

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10. Above & Beyond – “Good For Me”

Relaxing vocal, uplifting tune. Above & Beyond is really really good on creating Uplifting Tune! You can dance to this song, or even sleep to this song! One of Above & Beyond’s tracks that will be always in my heart 🙂

9. Tiesto – Sparkles

One of the best tune Tiesto has made. This is an all time classic! It is very uplifting, and also it has nice lead melodies that can make you jump! This track deserved to be in number 9 in this list

8. Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space

Cosmic Gate, (was) the master of Hard Trance genre. Hard beats with stunning melodies, every Trance Lover should have known this track!

7. Paul van Dyk – Face to Face

Another classic! Paul van Dyk, one of the legend of Trance Music made this track from his album “Out There And Back”. Very relaxing melodies, with an uplifting beats plus tribal sounds. Close your eyes and feel this song banging from your speakers, you’ll be lost into Trance World.

6. Dash Berlin – Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Jorn van Deynhoven remixed this tune in 2009. Trance has changed a lot in that year, but Jorn van Deynhoven still maintain the originality of Trance Music! It is very uplifting tune! Deserved to be a number 6 on this list

5. Ferry Corsten – Punk

Classic tune from Ferry Corsten, a bit too electro but it’s still uplifting, especially on the breakdown part, it has nice beats!

4. M6 – Days of Wonder

This track is awesome. Just awesome, this is included on the Armin van Buuren’s compilation CD “A State of Trance 2010”. It is very relaxing, yet it has uplifting beats, just imagine you’re on the beach and partying! One of my favorite tracks!

3. Faithless – Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix)

Also included in “A State of Trance 2010”, it is a very great remix my Armin van Buuren, never get bored of it! Really really a hard track, the climax part will surely make you jump!

2. System F – Out Of The Blue

A Classic Tune by Ferry Corsten, and yes, it’s totally classic and original. Very uplifting. This track will make you feel like flying!

1. DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe – Back To You (Aly & Fila Remix)

Usually, I easily forget Trance tracks that made after 2005, but even this tune is released in 2008, I can never forget this tune! Nice vocals by Adrina Thorpe, uplifting beats, and an awesome strutter at the climax! Deserved to be a number 1 in this list!


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