Monday, December 18

Anorexia or Bulimia

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 Anorexia is a serious disease where guys or even girls feel like they’re overweight and must stop eating. Some characterize this as a ‘voice that’s constantly saying how fat you are and that you shouldn’t eat this or that and that it will make you fatter.’ Anorexia will also cause it’s victim to look in the mirror and see themself as overweight when really their barely over eighty pounds. Those who are plagued with this disease fail to maintain a healthy weight and have a HUGE fear of gaining weight since they see themself as fat in the mirror and really are small. Kind of like the circus mirrors. Anyway, Anorexia is a SERIOUS disease and if your considering to become anorexic to lose weight it will only kill you in the end since not eating will cause all your organs to have severe complications and if you don’t believe me, look it up.

Bulimia is a disease where you overeat until you feel as if the need to throw up and this is called binge eating and afterwards you purge and in other words, you throw up. Most bulimic’s stick their finger down their throat and wiggle it around to cause themself to vomit and some even do this more than twice a day. A bulimic either does this three or four times a week or three or four times a day. Bulimia is not the answer to lose weight and nor is Anorexia. Both will cause serious damage to your body and for Bulimia, it will cause your teeth to decay and worse. This is not a healthy life style or choice to be made. Don’t try to be this way just because of a little bit of weight. What is worth more? Your weight or your life?

Statistics that I found:

(Anorexia is most likely to strike during the mid- teen years. It affects approximately 1 in 150 fifteen year old girls and 1 in 1000 fifteen year old boys. Approximately 1 percent of 16 to 18 year olds have anorexia and about 40 percent of people with anorexia recover completely. Around 30 percent of anorexia victims continue to experience the illness long term.)

Being beautiful doesn’t mean being dangerously skinny to the point to where someone could count your ribs and see your spine. Being that way isn’t beautiful, it’s deadly and will eventually kill you. If you know someone who might have these diseases, talk to them about it. It could just save their life.

A song written about these two diseases is called Courage by SuperChick.


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