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I once had a feeling described to me, and that description has changed my every tear. It’s the feeling you get when you know something bad is happening. It starts in your throat and works its way down to your stomach. This physical emotion was described to me in a message, a message that ended in “give me a call, I need to talk to you”, a message I have saved for months and months, still. This feeling can easily be quantified as how you feel when you need to cry but you can’t find a reason to. The lump grows in your throat till it’s painful to swallow, impossible to complete even the shortest of sentences. You eventually manage to gulp it down just to have it infect your stomach causing the worst nausea ever. Like a bad hangover while spinning in circles. This feeling occurs when your heart’s in pieces. The message was from someone who needed me. Every day, every moment, but he hasn’t needed me in awhile and probably won’t ever need me again. I’m sure he doesn’t get the feeling anymore – he doesn’t feel anymore, he doesn’t care anymore. but the saddest part of his whole turnaround is that I still get that feeling. And I’m going to hold onto it forever because the person who always took it away is gone – he took himself away. I have the feeling now, I know something bad is happening – I’m losing a piece of my heart. Instead of completing me like he always has, he is taking a piece of me with him as he walks away. He’s never gonna say we were meant for each other, or fill my head with frivolous fantasies. I’m losing sight of those dreams. My dreams. I’ve felt my heart breaking and I’ve seen him not care. Something bad is happening….

My love is not loving anymore….

Now, when you’re old enough to realize that your heart is something to be protected and cherished, what you must also realize is that you have to be careful about who you give it away to. Because once you hand it over, you may never get it back in the same condition as it was. You must hold it close until you meet that special someone who will cherish it like you did. But if your heart is already in a million little pieces because of a past love, you must put it together before you give it away again.


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