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Get Your Symbian Certificate (Latest Method)

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ISign Method(Complicated but fast)


1. Now let’s go to imobile website at

2. And Register.

3. Fill in the required fields in register form as shown(screenshot)

4. Complete Registration.

5. After registering, the system will redirect you to this location.Then, Click the green button.

6. And now enter your imei in textbox, then click button.

7. System report your applied successfully, as shown below

8. Get Ur Cert & Key.

9. Now, only wait…

See The Time When you Can Get your Cert, Go Back And Login To Your Account.

10. Select the second tab to view the result. If the system displays same as this image, you can sign your files.

To Sign Your App :-

1. Go to this page

2. Login with your userid and password.

3. Click on the blue button with pencil.

4. It will direct you to page where you should upload your helloOx_unsigned.sis file.

5. After that, click the green button.

6. Now the web page will show you with something like this 手机登录17wap.com的 “资源下载编号” 中输入 6374902 即可直接将本软件下载至手机

7. Now, go online on your phonecell, go to (this website can not run with PC browser,only open with phone cell browser).

8. Now in your phone cell’s browser you will see a text box.

9. You should enter the code as observed on the previous screen (mine is above 6374902, you should have your own number)

10. Now the cell phone browser will automatically download the signed file you uploaded on step 4 above.

Success !!!! Thanks to poldan78 for figuring it out…


Opda Method(Simple but take 12 hrs)


1. Go to

2. Or Register.

It will be 5 steps to fill it out..

Submit your form.

3. Wait for activation email (if required)

4. Then login on that site

5. Click on my certificate

6. Then click on Apply cer

7. Then u’ll have to fill 4 more blanks step..

8. Wait for up to 12hours.

9. Download your cert..

10.You can also download the signer for PC and Mobile on that site..


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