Monday, December 11

Answering The Life’s Question

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If we glimpse back to the history of human life, we can see the struggles and efforts of many who were trying to discover their existence. We had heard about Aristotle, the view of Plato, and even the explanation of Socrates(too much to elaborate this guys’ findings though). And who could deny the powerful philosophies about life of the great Chinese Philosophers such as Mao Tse Tung, Lao Tze and others. But the saddest explanation of all, which is widely adopted by all whether in the higher class or lower class is the daring and thought to be convincing view of Charles Darwin. And by the authorship of Darwin the toil of finding the answer of life has become more complicated than before, Darwin’s theory is amplified more by the followers of his step namely Ailester Crowley, Martin Heidegger, Adolf Hitler and many other philosophers that asserted that life is more about survival and meaningless by chance. Not to mention the unimpaired support of some scientist.

 The battle of finding life’s ultimate answer is being carried to a higher level. We could now see programs in public or nonpublic offering alternatives, religions have sprouted like mushrooms, and the most popular of all is the program endorse by the queen of talk-show herself, Oprah. The question is what will happen then to those who died before us without knowing the answer of life? And even now human being is still struggling to find the answer.

I will let you notice that you will find tons of belief or religion around the globe. We may conclude that the spiritual state of those people is yearning for something more spiritual and we can’t deny the fact that even ourselves long to have a thing that you can’t comprehend. This spiritual thirst is neglected and ignored by many especially those who are in the middle class up to the higher class. We may notice that the lower class is the ones who strongly grab this spirituality. The people in this class always see that even if they can’t have the goodies, glory and power in this world but rather insist that having the spiritual things are enough. Is this their alibi or their coping mechanism in life? But how about those people in the lower class who because of their slack state committed a crime?

It’s true that life is full of mystery and the struggle will continue until the day of one’s death. And the only alternative that others could avail is through achieving something in life, or having a family, become wealthy, or even suicides and many more options for human being. Though it is limitless, if we assume that there is only one answer that can fit all then the ratio of it is 1/limitless, can you get the picture? If you vie for something in this life it would be a battle of chances. Okay! 1/limitless, then you may think that if you pick one then your chance will be minute more than a dust, right?

For me, I have a difficulty of scaling this out. And I also know I’m very poor in picking something! So my solution in answering the life question is not religion but God Himself. The One who holds the blueprint of every life of human being and have the complete manual of every existence, He is the only One I could trust to pick from the 1/limitless ratio in this life because He is LIMITLESS. We could find the real and right answer out of the box of God, just remember He has the blueprint and manual of life.


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