The Art of Forgiving

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For these past days, I got so pissed with this old friend of mine. He was once a very special part of me and was considered my life. In the times, where I needed the most his utmost understanding he simply failed me. It jeopardized the relationship until it was set to end. As being in that relationship, I have the responsibility of taking the part of asking forgiveness on whatever ordeal I imparted with him. I sought the ways of the Lord and humbly ask to help me accept these things that is way beyond my control. It was his free will to have his part in hurting me the most. Eventhough, he had his ways of giving scars in my heart, still I asked for forgiveness. I’ve had my share that the relationship ended.

The angst I am feeling every now and then is consuming me to the point that I tend to miss appreciating all the positive things coming my way. My life doesn’t have to end when our time had a share of my life. There are still a lot of reasons even the most simple ones that could help me realize how great it is to have this life. Dumb as it may seem, I cracked the words “im sorry” to him and I felt light about it and for having said to him that I have forgiven him as well.

Life has to move on to a different perspective and level.


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