Wednesday, December 13

The Final Coming

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Predictions throughout our history have been so typical. Predicting the end of the world is not new to hear. Even the incoming events have been predicted by so many mediums, intellectuals, gurus and more. But how about the Second Coming of Christ, which is covered with so many false assumptions or predictions. But the relentless effort of many to predict the exact details of the coming of the Christ is more than ignorance but sure arrogance; they did know that the Christ Himself said that no one knows and will know about exact date or time, not even the heavenly hosts, neither Himself knows it, but only His Father. And he added that the coming day will be like a two men in the field, which the one will be taken and the other will be left behind. And even like two women on a hand mill, which the one will be taken and the other will be left behind. And so rather giving us assumptions, instead the Christ gave us an advice, to be in watching, because we don’t know on what day the Christ will come. But for sure He will come!

The best thing to do is we cross our fingers and live a life that pleases God and religiously wait for the time of the second and final appearing of Christ. Nevertheless, Jesus gave us some clues or signs so that we could keep on watching. To decode those clues we need to look for in His Words embedded in the Bible. There are tons of biblical passages about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ which the clues will be found.

Bear it in mind that no one but His Father the only Person who knows the exactness of the Christ’s coming. But we could know that it will come as lightning as said in the scripture stated at Matthew 24:27. Jesus will surely come again to take His church that He redeemed more than 2,000 years ago and that day He would execute His final judgment to world and to the rebellion of Satan. Amazingly, some acclaiming Christians that turn to be a group of cults believe and share that Christ has already returned but they can’t justify the claim and that it is obvious that their claim is not true because the Bible tells it so. It is also noted that before the day of His coming there are so many people who will be missing because the trumpet will blow that time and everyone who believe in Christ will be caught up into the sky to meet the Christ. So it will be a worldwide commotion, and so far it did not happen yet. But I suggest that don’t wait until it happen and make it sure you will be include to those who are missing.

Finally, bear in mind that Christ pointed out that NO ONE KNOWS! So instead of entertaining false prediction and soon claim false, give yourself the assurance of being “Caught Up” when the time of the final trumpet blows that signifies the Final Coming of Christ. And if did not yet give TOTALLY your life for Christ then that would be a barrier for you to attain His glorious celebration in His coming. So my dear reader, give your life a chance, give the best you have to Christ, everything in your life. It is worth it! Anytime you can ask the Lord for it.


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