Monday, December 18

Revelation on The Dashboard

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If you are a fun of prophecies and prediction then you would love the writing of John D’ Beloved. In his book called Revelation which is part of the Bible, John saw the heaven opened wide and talking to the resurrected Jesus Christ. Then John saw scenes in the sky and on the sea, which are the revelation of Christ to John about the coming events in the future.

The book of John is too hard to understand basically, and all theologians find it difficult to arrange the scene written in this book. But some made their timeline in such well mannered and so that I peradventure myself to look into it the book and tried some tracing. And I make my own dashboard where I tabulated some of the events that will be occurring in the near future and in the latter part the Seven Seals are introduced.

The first 5 chapters of the book, is not quite predicting but full of warnings, reprimands, and commendations. At chapter 6 the First Seal to the Sixth Seal are opened and the sealed144,000 Jews is introduced in chapter 7. At the introduction of chapter 8 the Seventh Seal is opened which introduced the beginning of the Seven Trumpets. And throughout the chapter until the ninth the First Trumpet to the Sixth Trumpet is blown, a third of the earth is burned. Then a third of sea life is destroyed, a third of the water is poisoned, darkness on the earth, attack of demonic locusts, and the attack of demonic armies occurred. However, before the Seventh Trumpet is blown at the beginning of chapter 11 the two powerful opponents of the antichrist are introduced while the last part the last Trumpet is blown and the Seven Vials of wrath of God is introduced.

On the other hand, at chapter 13 the antichrist is now known as the Beast that enforced the mark of the Beast which is the 666 and the antichrist or the Beast demanded the full loyalty of the world. After the blasphemous act of the Beast, chapter 16 would be the pouring of the Seven Vials that bring horrible things on earth like painful sores, the seas turned into blood, also the rivers turned into blood, the sun scorched the earth, darkness and pain filled the earth, the preparation for Armageddon war is climaxing, and there is a huge earthquake and hailstones that never been experienced before. Until on chapter 17 to 18 the one-world system comes to an end that depicted by the destruction of the Babylon.

At the chapter 19, Jesus Christ with His glorified followers step down to the world, and the latter part of that chapter the Battle of Armageddon has occurred. Then the 1000 years millennial reign of Christ has begun at chapter 20 and the 1000 years of damnation of Satan also contemporized to the Kingdom of Christ and after the reign Satan is unleashed and deceived the world again for the final battle and its ending is the Great White Throne Judgment in this God judge Satan together with his followers and damn into the lake of fire forever. Finally the last two chapters revealed the New Heavens and New Earth, and the history of human agony has ended and the believers will enjoy their God forever and ever. Amen!

Again as others would do, sequence of events above is not the final one because as Jesus said no one knows the wisdom of those events but God the Father only. But one thing is sure the above events will occur just as the Bible describes them. What I do not know is the precise sequence of every events. 


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