Tuesday, December 12

Reasons to Believe God

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I am wondering why some people can hardly believe the existence of a Supreme God. Some may profess that they believe God but they always deny the authority that He has, so as is good as they don’t believe. I will not try to convert SOMEONE by this article, no! Because I believe that this article will not be enough to convert a person that is blinded by the insights of the Enemy, your enemy, and the only able to change a person is God Himself. But rather I will be sharing in this article SOME points why it is not to be doubted the very existence of a Supreme Almighty.

First, everything around us is showing the design of All-Wise God, and this fact was tried to be negated by the Enemy by using the so called Evolution Theory. In the nutshell, Evolution suggested that everything, the beauty, the complexity, and the tremendous design is merely produce by a CHANCE. But it would be the worst and the poorest explanation a human can have about the things that he enjoys in the world. The perfectness of everything can’t be created by a chance but surely Someone engineered everything from the exactness of the position of the Earth in the universe down to the existing relationships between the living things on earth, and the harmony and beauty of every non-living things which are can’t be just explained by a chance. Hello!!! It is a foolishness to believe that everything comes from nothing, rather believing in a super-intelligent God, they believe CHANCE.

Second, though I’m not so good in Math but we will talk about measurements. Some Scientist believed that everything has begun through a huge explosion from nothing then “pop!” here we are. I know and you know that scientist is very good at measurement, why then they can’t explain the exactness of everything? Way down to the right measurement of the gravity and mass up to the right placement of the earth in the universe and even a single note of imbalance of the existing measurement of everything will be catastrophic. Why Biologists do agreed together that the human structure is absolutely design? From the intricacy of the brain that harmonizing and controlling every part of the body. And there’s more, you could ever imagine that a single cell in our body is more complex than a spaceship?

Well, still in doubt? How about the governing laws of nature, and don’t tell me that it comes just like that. How about the body structures, the organ’s mechanism and their behavior, how about the DNA’s code, so do I need to believe that it comes by chance, never! And can we explain why there is a serious amount of religions and beliefs around the globe? It just justify that we truly have this spiritual needs that only God can provide. The list may go on but as you hardened your heart then this will never prove you anything.

Finally, who could deny the record of Jesus of Nazareth that lived and walked on the earth? He is the perfect revelation of God, unlike other things that needs science or explanation to conclude that it is the evidence of God’s existence. Jesus Christ is the clearest, ultimate and the most precise image of God, who is saying that He is real!


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