Saturday, December 16

Ready Get Set And am I Truly Ready?

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In the present world, people everywhere are blinded with much activity in life. They forget about the most essential question in life. The question in life may vary depending to the one who will express it but always end with a question mark. So let me ask you again “Are you ready for the second coming of Christ?”

It was prophesied that we must be always on the watch, and supplicate that we may be able to avoid all the things that will about to happen, and that we may be able to face before the Son of Man. Sadly, so many people was deceived that they stop to watch and pray, and instead they gave themselves to superficial things that pollute their very life. But still faithful people always mind that they can stand up and lift up your heads when those things will begin to take place and anticipating their redemption which is drawing near. 

These faithful people will not need to fear the incoming prevalence of deception, wars and revolts, nation will be against to other nation, and kingdom waging to other kingdom, catastrophic earthquakes, severe famines and ruthless pestilences in most places. And also fearful events and great signs from heaven, persecution, betrayal, hatred, together with the signs in the sun, moon and stars, while men will faint from terror, fearful of what is coming on the last days, and heavenly bodies will be shaken. Nevertheless, those you who truly believe in Christ will never be afraid to those horrible events but instead are thankful for they will be spared on time, as well as the joy of the coming of their Lord and Savior.

Being ready for these coming events needs a truthful preparation that will start at the heart. The key, though, is accepting the redemption of Jesus Christ through the blood that He poured out at the cross. And the invitation is still open to anyone who can accept the word of Jesus Christ the He is telling you the truth, and whoever hears His word and believes on Him who sent Him will have everlasting life and will not be condemned to the eternal abyss. And if you will accept His invitation you will be crossed over from death to life, and join the band of brothers you joyfully wait for the coming of Jesus Christ. And now you are ready and set to go! 



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