Friday, December 15

In The Twinkling of an Eye

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Time will come that people will either submit to a ruling supreme person on earth or be running with their scared life.But before it will take place, I’ll be telling you a secret. At the beginning of the horrific event in the coming future, there will be an awaited event that will be happening.  People living that time will be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the sounding of the last trumpet. For this mystical trumpet will be sounding while the dead will be raising and will be turned into an incorruptible being, and after which the people living will follow to this transformation.

This called by many as the Rapture, the rapture is the beginning flag of the end times. Before the beginning of the 7 years period of great tribulations, as a promise of God, the Rapture will take place. This would be the introducing event of the opening of heaven and the second step down of Jesus Christ to meet His Church and believers. The glorified Christ will meet His caught up church in the air behind the vastness of the clouds. As like of the story of the resurrection of Christ this event is almost the same. Where each believer receives his or her resurrected and glorified body together with a big banquet in the clouds while down here on earth will be turmoil and chaos. The process is this wise that the first to receive their new bodies are those who have died as a believer of Christ, after them will be the living believers which remain on earth.

Though am I sounding like pre-tribulation believer but no matter what the view is, whether you believed the mid-tribulation view or the post-tribulation view, being prepared to this event and be qualified in participating this glorious event. So, stop the debate but start informing others that have no idea of this event, if you are faithful to your God, you will not mind the difference but fearfully share how to be included in the awaited transformation. The thing is and whatever the view any one would accept the Rapture will take place anytime.

Though, the pre-trib view of rapture is the best and a wonderful hope for believers in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, whether of the three views (pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture) you believed. The only requirement to this kind of amazing event, in all cases, is your belief and faith in Jesus Christ as the personal Savior and Lord. So the sound thing to do is to be sure to have a relationship with Christ, and nothing else will be more important than these.


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