Monday, December 18

In The Last Days

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 You should also know this my friend that in the latter days of your life, whether you will be still alive or you will be RIP, there will be coming a very difficult times that you could never imagine.  The will be so many people will love only themselves and their money, in result will be ignoring the sake of many. These ruthless people will be arrogant and swollen with pride and also will make fun of God; these people will deliberately will disobey to the government as well as to their parents, and be ungrateful to anyone. They will consider nothing sacred and will not respect anything. They will be selfish and unloving, unforgiving to any person even the person is sincere with his apology, they will bear false witness and slandering others and having no self – control, indulging to every evil scheme at every chance. Sadly, these people will be cruel to others taking advantage in any position and have no mind in doing what is good and better to many.

Betrayal to their friends is the trademark of these people, reckless in everything they say and do, always puffing up with tremendous pride, and they are lovers of pleasure rather promoting the love of God. They will act as if they are religious people teaching to be kind but yet backbiters by their own will, rejecting the authority and impact that could make them pure and holy. So I advise you friend that you must avoid and stay away from those people or perhaps you will be regretful.

 They are the people who prepare their way and step into every people’s houses and try to win the trust of weak and vulnerable women who are burdened with the stain of the guilt of committing a sin and stirred by many desires. Such people are forever adopting new teachings that suit their reference, but actually they are hesitant to learn the truth. And these self proclaimed teachers will fight the truth, like as in the old days that always fought against the truth. Their minds are corrupt with pride, and their righteousness is a counterfeit. But they won’t get away with this for long. Someday everyone will realize and agonize to their own expense, just as the old this that people in this passion are vanished in their own corruption.

But now you know what I am saying, my friend, and these are the ones I am trying to live, and I make it the purpose in life. You understand my position and my point, and also how difficult this is but worth for suffering. Please know the true love and true patient so that you can endure. Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life will suffer persecution. But instead people choose to be evil and become impostors that will try to deceive. They will go on deceiving others, and they themselves will be deceived.

Remember my friend, to live a life worth living you must cling to the True God and bear in mind that all Scripture is inspired by God and will guide us in truth, making us to realize what is wrong in our lives. And all it will strengthen us out and teaches us to do what is right and acceptable to others especially to God. So be careful in the last days and let God prepares your every way, be fully equipped for every good things that you should do.


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