Sunday, December 17

An Orderly Planet, Soon to Happen?

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Since the day of our birth we cried for peace and orderly leaving. Can we truly attain a live that is living in peace and in order? Yes! And it is inevitable to the human race, though the theater curtain still covers the stage. Eventually, the stage is already finished and we are just waiting for the main actors and actresses to begin this life of order.

The time will come that the whole world together with every people, small or big, teethful or teethless, will join in the pursuit of a New World Order. New World Order is a new government system that will be implemented in the near future, this will be governed by the countries that are controlled by a global president, and these countries hold a greater domain in global trade and have the supreme access to the global fund. This government will assure the world with tremendous equality, and will maintain and promote a strong global peace. In return, the world must submit under to one supreme government headed by one supernatural person, and this government will soon see that religion becomes the barrier of this wanted peace so they will implement and control one common religion as well as one worldwide economic system. As a glimpse, we can now notice that monetary is being changed gradually by electronically and mostly via the internet and sooner coin and money made in paper will soon be gone, this is to simplify the control of money by a click and it is noteworthy that the EU association already has this common currency called an Euro currency, though this currency is part of the experimental process but we can reflect that this will be likely use in this New World Order. In the nutshell, it will be a movement towards a global socialistic idealism, global controlled with supremacy, and the worst of all moral less and atheistic world. 

This is likely be risen New Age era and it is planned for a greater arena. Throughout 20th until the 21st Century the global leaders have been talking of this “New Age” and the promotion of a “New World Order” system. But in the early 12th Century the plan is already tried to be implemented by a group of strong and wealthy personalities that time, those people are known as the Illuminati who summon and govern the Knights Templar and the respected Scottish Masonry.

For now, the introduction is this simple that as the whole world becomes gradually and increasingly modernized and secularized, and forwarding to an atheistic perspective. The agenda is to pave the way towards this New World Order and if only we are sensitive enough we can see that the influence of many global leaders in adopting this system. We can now experience a political assimilation and as other people say that there is desensitization pertaining to the activity of crime, and any form godlessness.

But though this New World Order will be implemented fully, it will just have a three and a half year of false façade. It will accumulate into a horrific scene that the world has ever seen. Note that it is not my fantasy, though the above mention will be different surely the implementation and idea of this New World Order is there. At this moment, I hope that you will realized and take it seriously that you will prepare yourself for this and good news for you, you can do a thing! God bless


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