I Know the Art of Being a Good Psychic

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I came across an article last night with the aforementioned title. I could tell before the article completely loaded that it was not going to be in the favor of a psychic. And indeed, it was not.

The article had four points:

1. “Get one thing right that they never would expect, and that’ll keep them from thinking about what you got wrong.”

I usually discuss what I was right about and what I was wrong about, in the event that I or the other person could have further insight (perhaps in an odd manner) into
any given situation.

2. “Be vague and/or use words with double meanings. They’ll automatically take it whichever way makes more sense to them.”

This second one is pretty smart on the part of the writer. But wrong. When Spirit is divulging information, it usually comes so fast that I am constantly interrupting the subject. I warn them of this before we even begin.

Personally, I just would not have time to think of double meaning verbiage.

3. “Study, study, study! There are all sorts of clues everywhere. I had to pick up my clues from your blogs, but the principle still stands. Often i chose what I assumed to be your favorite color as the color you would dye your hair, and I figured out what your favorite color was by what colors you used on the blog.”

Well now, my blog is gray and I do really like gray. Plus, I think of gray as a business-full color. But, the next time I dye my hair, it will be a stunning brown.

4. “Get them laughing. Once again, this is a distracting point.”

As silly/goofy as I can be, I rarely laugh during a spiritual meeting. I am usually concentrating/dissociating/thinking/conveying.

Wow. Why do people got-to hate? And, the writer graduated from a seminary, so what does she do with the concept of prophecy (not to be confused with witchcraft).

The writer of this article did respond to my response with a sincere apology, concerned that she had not shown the love of Christ when she wrote the article. I explained that she was fine and I sincerely appreciated the personal response. She was very kind to do so!


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