Friday, December 15

Can You Take Medication During Pregnancy

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It is harmful to take medication during pregnancy? Any time that you think that you might be pregnant, it’s best to stop taking all medication except vitamins and talk to your doctor about your medication. Some medication can cause a lot of harm to your fetus and can even destroy your fetus or have the fetus born with a defect. Some medication might not affect the fetus at the first tri-mester but might affect it later on.

This is something that new mothers need to know. You can’t be taking medication while you’re pregnant. The medication can cause harm to the fetus. Medication is made up of chemicals so chemicals can affect your fetus. It’s never a good idea to introduce chemicals to a fetus that is forming into a body. It’s very harmful. Hopefully, all mothers would know this by now, however, you will still see young mothers or uninformed mothers take medications, smoke, drink, during pregnancy and causing their fetus to be ill formed.

Any medication that is vital to your health still need to be stop. If you have a terminal illness like cancer, it will be very hard to keep the baby. You will need to consult with the doctor and ask him about your medication and even chances of getting an abortion. All of those medications will damage your baby for good. You rather not have a baby than have a baby who will come out disabled or fail to thrive because it can happen. There are people who are not informed about this topic and they take medication anyways. This is when it’s dangerous. If you know someone who is pregnant, make sure you talk to them about medication and the danger of it. If you’re not sure about your medication, you will need to talk to your doctor. Even things like over the counter pills can be damaging for your fetus. If certain food can be harmful to your fetus than certain medication can be harmful to your fetus too.


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