Coachella 2009 information

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Coachella will be here soon and you’ll want to know all of the rules so that you don’t have to walk for an hour to your car and then come back and wait in line for another two hours because it’ll happen if you bring in prohibited items. Before you leave you car you should be all clear so that you don’t get send back to your car and you will usually park as far as an hour walk away from the main entrance. It’s a long and lost place at Coachella. Not to mention, you will have to push through thousands of people and then miss the show. I’ve been there and I know how it’s like. One time a man was send back to his car for carrying his backpack and he got angry of course. Who wouldn’t? Therefore, be well prepared before you stand in line and that includes having warm clothing because it can get cold in the park and you’ll be outdoor for all three days.

You’ll not be allowed to bring in certain items and if you have been to a large music festival, it’s pretty much the same deal everywhere. You should know the basics that you can’t bring in like hazardous items, professional camera, instruments, chains wallets, blankets, food and beverage, camel packs, tents, flags, chairs, video cameras, audio recording cameras, stuffed animals, pets, and any drugs related items according to the Coachella official FAQ website. You will be send back to your car or you have to dispose the item if you want to enter the area. You are allow to bring in a medium backpacks, hats, sun block, lighters, cell phones, sunglasses, cigarettes, small beach towel, fanny packs, all age can come, age 5 and under free, fanny packs, digital cameras, and disposable cameras according to the Coachella website.

The door will be open at 11am for all 3 days. The show will be over at about midnight for all three days. The box office will be open at 9am for all three days so that you can purchase tickets. They will be operating rain or shine; parking lots will open at 9am for all three days. You don’t have to pay for parking. The line up and set up time can change. Everyone will be search upon entry. You can only use cash to purchase food and beverage. If you’re going to pick up will call ticket you have to have a matching I.D.



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