Funeral Home Mystique

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For many reasons, there is a powerful energy present at any given funeral home. For me, the funeral home is the only place where I
have been embraced by more than one spirit.  I have been kissed and my hand held on many occasions.  Come to think of it, I attend entirely too many funerals!

Last week, a friend was looking for a certain grave and therefore headed into the attached funeral home (she couldn’t find it on her own). She stood at the counter when an unseen stranger brushed the back of my friends hand (it was perched on the counter) and twice whispered her own name.

My friend followed the invisible female down the hall, as this is where my friend seemed to be led to go.

Upon arriving at a certain state room, my friend saw the whispered name on a temporary marquee. She dared not enter the room. What if the deceased were really young or was otherwise very remarkable?

No. My friend didn’t dare to enter. In fact, she returned to the reception desk, got the information that she needed, visited the grave that she came to see and went home to locate her friendly stranger on the Internet, which she found.

My point?

The energy at a funeral home is powerful for all the obvious reasons and while I don’t advise anyone to visit a home for this
reason, I would suggest that you surround yourself with white light before entering and be ready for communication.

It is much more vivid!


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