Sunday, December 17

What to do if The Inlaws Are Not Accepting You Because of Your Culture

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What if the parents of your mate are not accepting you because of your cultural background? This is a tough one but it still exists in this day and age. Kobe Bryant parents didn’t accept Vanessa Bryant in the first place but Kobe left his parents and be with his wife anyways. I guess the parents aren’t that important anymore but it’s still problematic if they don’t really want to see you with their kids. It’s so funny how some people are so into their own culture. I used to date my own culture and wouldn’t ever think about another culture but I’ve changed a lot and now I date different cultures more so than my own.

If you love someone then you love that person, your parents are important too but they will not be the one who you will live with for the rest of your life. You have to live with your mate, so it’s important that you’re happy. If you love your mate then there is no other reason to leave them and make a big deal out of it. If they know, they will make a big deal out of it but if they don’t know, then they can’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just a matter of whether they know it or not. You just have to hide it from them. Who says that you have to reveal all of those things anyways?

If it’s best, you should hide everything that you can from your family so they don’t bud in. one day when you’re married, have children, it’s too late for them to reject your relationship. It’s your business and not your parents so you don’t really have to tell them that you’re dating someone out of your culture. I know that the second that I say something my parents will send me to Africa so I couldn’t date the person that I want to date. You have to realized that parents are old school too so they’re pretty much stuck in their old school time. You have to be careful with them about your dating life and just keep it to yourself. No one has to know and you will be happy. I guess it’s better to keep a secret and have a good relationship then to spill it out and have to break up over it. Your relationship is yours and no one have to know about it.


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