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What to do With Bullying at Home

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Bullying happens at home too and it’s funny but where you feel the safest is sometimes the least safe. I used to have to deal with a lot of bullying at home from my family and I know how bad it can get. People get physical violence too and it’s just not funny. I never get bully outside of the home. No one ever try to beat me up or bully me because it’s illegal but when you are helpless and live under someone else’s roof, they will bully you. I guess it’s best if you have your own place and your own money so no one would bully you.

There are a few things that you can do to alleviate the problems. People bully you because they’re not happy. Bullying happens in homes where there are financial or relationship problems. My parents have a terrifying marriage and they dump everything on me. This is why it’s bad at home. They dump everything that they can on me. My mom is jealous of me all the time and I’m her daughter. She thinks that I will get my dad’s attention or something like that. It’s very embarrassing but it happens.

My older brother bullied me because he had a lot of problems himself. He had some mental problems plus he was heavily in debt but he’s think that he can take it out on me, which is wrong. People bully you when they’re not happy with their own life or themselves. They bully you just so they can feel better. This is why you should make some changes the second that you notice bullying occur. It was so scary with my older brother that I moved to another state. I would have died if I continue to live with him because he was physically violent.

It’s never the thing to do if you want to stay and fight back. It will get no where. It will only get worse. People will get worse just to have a kick out of it. I know that people in my family get a kick out of it. I guess they have nothing better to focus on then bullying. They live to bully. It’s kind of sad to see people deteriorate into this kind of condition but some people do. I have been dealing with this for over ten years now. I lived on my own before but it’s not easy being a young girl and being on your own. You have so many bills that you can cry. So I moved home but the bullying continue.

What are some tips to help you with your bullying family? First, you have to know that you’re not the only one suffering from bullying. It happens in most of the homes in the US. People just don’t get along. Next, you need to know that it’s not your fault that people bully you. You’re not ugly, dumb, useless like how they want you to think, and because they’re those things, and that’s why they want some company. You’ve heard it, misery loves company. You will also need to write down a plan to improve your situation. If things will never get better, you need to move on out of there.

 If you are old enough, there is no reason why you can’t move out, share a room, and live on your own. You will be much happier. I couldn’t move out because I felt sorry for my younger siblings, so I stay to keep them happy, but I suffer a lot as a result of it. If you don’t have any attachment, I would recommend that you move out of there and find a life for yourself somewhere else. Some people move all the way across another state and that just might be a very good idea. You just need to get away from them. When you do, you will have a much better life, it’s like they’re dead and gone. Or at least, it will feel like it.

Other things that you can do include moving out with relatives, friends, and boyfriends. You can also find a job, save up money and move out or buy yourself a place. You can also move to a cheap state, so you can buy yourself a home to live. While you’re still there, you should find ways to leave your home during the day time and when you do go home, make sure, you sleep in the living room, away from them, or stay in your own room. It’s never ok to argue, fight back or even explain yourself, it’s no use. They won’t listen to it. Don’t try to fight back, you will only end up hurting yourself. Next, you need to find a place to go to like work, library, starbucks, park, barnes and nobles or college to stay away from them during the day time. The less you see them the better. You should do this until you can move out. If things get really bad, you can call the police on them. You should also check with the local welfare office to see if you can get financial assistance or free housing program.


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