Monday, December 11

Why You Need to Give Your Girlfriend More Attention

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Paying attention to your girlfriend is very important when you’re dating. I noticed that some guys just take off with their friends and don’t pay attention to their girlfriends. If you neglect your girlfriend, you should not expect good results. If you neglect her for too long, she might be finding other guys too. It’s all about your games. If you don’t have good games, you will lose your woman. Of course, when you’re dating someone, you have to pay attention to them. You can’t just ignore them and hope that they will stick around. I used to date guys who would ignore my phone calls. Ok, if you ignore her phone calls and then call her back a month later and hope to hook up, she will tell you no. of course, it will be a no. Who can tolerate such neglect.

When you’re dating her, make sure that you call to tell her “hi.” You should also text her or write her an email to remind her that you’re thinking about her. If you don’t, she will think that you’re not into her. Love is like planting flowers. You can’t neglect the flowers for a year and hope that it will turn into beautiful blooms. It will wither and die. You do have to water your flowers, put some food for it, and give it enough sunlight. This is the same with dating. You have to give your lover enough attention or else the relationship will head downhill one day.

It’s just a part of a relationship. You have to constantly give your partner the attention that they need. You have to call them to tell them that you love them and you have to return their calls. It’s just how it works in a relationship. I know that guys are not use to these things. They would read your messages, email and then think that they don’t have to reply but the girls is sitting there waiting for their replies. You have to reply to people so that they know that you’re talking to them. Guys think that they can keep quiet and everything will be alright while the women are waiting for their response. It’s just a part of communication. When women want to talk to you, you have to response to them and don’t make them wait.


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